CD & DVD Replication

For large runs (300 units +), "replication" is the best choice.
This requires a stamper (often referred to as a glass-master) to be made and put though an injection-molding process to produce the replicated discs. Thousands of units can be replicated from this stamper.

What To Supply

All we require from you to complete a replication job is your master and artwork, as follows...

1] Master - supplied as a playable disc master or ddp in the exact same format as your required end product. For example, for an Audio CD, ensure your disc master has all tracks in order, correct levels, gaps etc. We duplicate 1:1 from what you supply! (we can also compile a master for you from your data/wav files etc for an additional fee).

2] Artwork - supplied to our specs. This can be uploaded and emailed to us for download or sent on a separate disc/memory stick etc to our post box address along with your disc master. Artwork specs/templates for your disc and booklets etc can be found here).


Once you have your master and artwork all sorted, you can simply contact us to place your order

New Minimum Run Size!

Finally an affordable and economical run size for CD's and DVD's that doesn't compromise on quality.
At 300 units, you still get full blown retail quality discs at the best possible prices. These are NZ made - no import delays!

If you are looking for quantities under 300 units, see our CD & DVD Duplication page here...

Why Use MCA?

First and foremost, MCA are audio experts. Our knowledge in digital media is vast, having produced CD masters since 1995, and also seeing the implementation of NZ's first and only fully integrated CD replication facility in 1999. If producing an Audio Album, EP or Single, we ensure that your audio does not go through any unnecessary conversions that could potentially alter it's quality. Combined with our our choice of high end production equipment, your audio is reproduced to the highest standard possible, and just as importantly, to the correct spec. Our carefully selected print partners mean your booklet and card printing is also the best available. Would you really want to employ a paper print company, or similar, to handle your precious audio?

Replication - Special Pricing!

Listed below are the costs for our most popular replicated disc options which we offer at the best possible rates...

CD Fully Packaged

Includes Replicated CD Disc Printed In Full Colour, Up To 6pp Full Colour Printed Gloss Art Front Booklet & Rear Insert, CD Jewel Case & Tray (Black or Clear), Assembly.

300 Units - $4.75/unit + GST
500 Units - $3.50/unit + GST


CD Bulk

Includes Replicated CD Disc Printed In Full Colour, Supplied In Bulk.

300 Units - $3.05/unit + GST
500 Units - $2.20/unit + GST


DVD Fully Packaged

Includes Replicated DVD Disc Printed in Full Colour, Front Full Colour Printed Gloss Art Insert Slick, DVD Movie Case (Black Or Clear), Assembly.

300 Units - $5.15/unit + GST
500 Units - $3.90/unit + GST


DVD Bulk

Includes Replicated DVD disc up to 4.7 Gig Printed In Full Colour, Supplied In Bulk.

300 Units - $3.65/unit + GST
500 Units - $2.40/unit + GST


Further Options

For pricing on other quantity and packaging solutions (such as card packaging etc), feel free to Email Us with your requirements. We'll be happy to help.


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